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Northern New England American Society of Naval Engineers

On 27 October Chuck Benton and Tom Zysk delivered a presentation at the chapter meeting in Portland Maine titled "Developing Modular Architecture".

TSI Exhibits at SOFIC

Technology Systems, Inc. will exhibit at the National Defense Industrial Association, Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, the 22-24 May 2012 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL. SOFIC details here: SOFIC

Article Published

Common Defense Quarterly published a paper written by TSI Chief Operating Officer, Tom Zysk, titled "DoD Leads Industry in Augmented Reality".

Paper Published

Tome Zysk and Jeff Luce of TSI were key authors in a paper titled "Augmented Reality Precision Navigation" This was presented at the Oct 2011 meeting in Portland Oregon by Dr. Alan Evans of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division and published by The Institute of Navigation (ION) Journal. The presentation was given the "Best Presentation Award" by the Institute of Navigation.

SBIR Awarded

TSI was awarded Departmaent of Homeland Security SBIR for Smart Chart AIS. This project will result in smart-phone based Electronic Chart System (ECS) capabilities that can be distributed for free to the small craft community. The only obligation of end users will be to register with a DHS hosted server and to enable broadcast of AIS-like data. This will enable tracking of many small craft through cloud based servers.

Contract Awarded

The Rapid Reaction Technology Office of the Office of the Secretary of Defense awards a contract to Technology Systems, Inc. to develop Distributed Server architecture, demonstrate the potential of a commercial Wing In Ground craft and develop cueing software for a thermal beacon.


TSI was selected as a finalist in the competition for the "Best Small Business in New England" by the Small Business Associateion of new England. TSI founder Chuck Benton was presented the award at a dinner on 11 May 2011.

October 2011

TSI Teams with Anchor Innovation

TSI signs a strategic business development and marketing agreement with Anchor Innovation. TSI will partner with Anchor on implementing systems solutions with operational entities. Anchor Innovations is located in Va. Beach, VA and San Diego California. Their staff of former military personnel understands the needs and requirements of Multi Service and Multi Agency operators.

March 2011

ARVCOP Feature Article

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal/Low-Intensity Conflict - Counter Terrorism Support Office (EOD/LIC-CTTSO) website posts a featured product: ARVCOP (Augmented Reality Visualization of the Common Operational Picture).

March 2011

System Installation

TSI installed a System Solution at the Joint Military Training Center. This activity trains high speed boat operators. The System is used for monitoring training and conducting missions. Included are Augmented Reality (ARVCOP) systems on high speed craft, Augmented Reality solutions running on Smart Phones Mapping and Visualization Realtime Collaboration System (MAVRCS) and software running at a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Modular Mission Planning Toolkit (MMPT) running the Mission Planning System (MPS) plug-in suite. All nodes are solutions used for monitoring training, conducting missions, and sharing mission data in real time.

December 2010

TSI Small Business Success

Loretta Sanchez (CA-D) chaired a hearing within the HASC Emerging Threat subcommittee on small business access to DoD programs. Testifying was Dr. Lemnios, head of DDR&E, and Linda Oliver, head of ASD Small Business programs. TSI cited as an "Exemplar Small Business Success" with regards to our work with the Navy via the Office of the Sec of Defense. Specifically, Dr. Lemnios cited the following:

"Examples of unique ways in which the Department couples with the small business community on time-critical challenges include the Rapid Reaction Fund (RRF), the Quick Reaction Fund (QRF), the Defense Acquisition Challenge (DAC), the Open Business Cell (OBC) and the Defense Venture Catalyst Initiative (DeVenCI) program. The Department's RRF and QRF efforts focus on small business solutions for operational challenges. One example is the Augmented Reality Visualization of the Common Operating Picture (ARVCOP) project. This concept was funded through RRF and resulted in an augmented reality tactical display that allows sailors to visualize hazards, sea lanes, markers, etc., in reduced visibility." TSI was one of only two small businesses cited in Testimony.

November 2010

SBIR Awarded

TSI was awarded a Phase II SBIR for development of a Naval Autonomous Surface Threat Identification System in October. This effort will be combined with another ongoing SBIR lead by Advanced Optical Systems in Huntsville Alabama which is focused on the low slow flier threat assessment. The two small businesses, working together with Raytheon Corporation, are meeting the requirements for the Anti Terrorism / Force Protection (AT/FP) Mission.

October 2010


TSI's ARVCOP (Augmented Reality Visualization of the Common Operational Picture) has launched. Visit our product website at

May 4, 2009